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Toy Strategy and Organization

It’s post-Christmas.  The kids have tummy aches from eating way too many sweets and you can’t see the floor in your house… there are toys EVERYWHERE.  Now what?  Do you just keep everything and live in total chaos until Christmas next year rolls around and add more to it?  Personally, I’m going to challenge you to do the exercise I’m currently working on and I hope it gives you the sense of organization ( AKA joy!) that it gives me.  Read on to learn what my strategy was for getting the toy situation under control.

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The Hospital Stay

You know how everyone always gives advice before you have a kid?  Prior to having Jonas, we heard all the horror stories about kids getting sick.  We were told “your child will get sick ALL time”, “you won’t sleep a wink when they’re sick”, and “the whole house gets sick when one does.”  So we mentally prepared for it.  Fast forward to Jonas’s first birthday.  He had two extremely minor colds during his whole first year of life.  It was a miracle according to everyone!

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