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12 Week Bump Update

Immediately after taking a pregnancy test and seeing those two lines, i had two thoughts race to my mind.  First, I’M SO EXCITED!!  I couldn’t wait to tell people that our dream of growing our family was coming true!  My second thought was, I hope this pregnancy I’m not sick like I was with Jonas.  About a week and a half later (around 5 1/2 weeks pregnant), my answer became clear when the morning sickness hit full force.

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Why We Love the Chaos of Family Vacations

Before having a child, vacation felt like…. vacation – It was filled with relaxation, rest, and the whole “go with the flow” concept.  I always thought the idea of traveling with kids sounded terrible.  Not only is there the whole getting there part, there’s the lack of sleep (as adorable as it is to see little Jonas’s face staring at us from the pack and play in the wee hours of the morning), navigating nap time, and the loss of flexibility.  Packing takes ten hours and the chaos truly ensues when you stay at a place that isn’t completely child proofed. Sounds like fun, right?  Well, I’m here to tell you why we really do love traveling with our toddler (remind me to read this if I change my mind when we expand our family).

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Morning Sickness, Cankles, and Stretchmarks

In my mind, there are two types of pregnant women.  The first type LOVES being pregnant.  They literally glow and wish they could be pregnant forever.  The second type finds themselves hunched over a toilet the majority of the day, can’t handle the smell of scented trash bags (okay, maybe that was just me), and is counting down the days for pregnancy to be over.  Okay so these may be the two drastic ends of the spectrum, but it makes me laugh how different everyone can be!  I love hearing what other people’s pregnancy experiences were like, so I thought I would share mine.

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Marriage and Kids

On social media, we see all of the ADORABLE newborn family pictures.  We feel all the baby fever feels meanwhile thinking to ourselves “this couple’s marriage must be on fire”!  I mean, how could it not be when they get to snuggle a perfect little bundle that’s half him and half her?!  My husband Taylor and I had a different experience which feels extremely personal to share.  As I’m typing this, I’m sitting here wondering “What if my readers think that we have a bad marriage?  What if they judge me and can’t relate to this at all?”  Well, I’m willing to put this out there in hopes that maybe there’s one person who can relate and know they are not alone!

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The Night from Hell

Mamas, have you ever experienced a moment with your little(s) that was so difficult it left you in a puddle of tears?  It’s almost like it’s a rite of passage into parenthood to have these experiences.  I think it’s safe to say that we’ve ALL had times like these (unless you have perfect children in which case we are all extremely jealous of you!).  

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