When I found out I was pregnant with my second, I knew immediately that I needed a new and different diaper bag for several reasons.  Toting around two kids will be a lot different than one and I’m all about any product that’s going to make mom life easier!  I had several requirements that my new bag needed to meet that i found in my Meggan Lily Jade diaper bag.

Here’s what I was looking for:

  • A bag that has a backpack carry position.  I knew I wanted to free up an arm when carrying an infant car seat and holding a toddler hand.


  • The bigger the better!  I wanted a bag that had a lot of space and pockets for organization.  Right after getting my Lily Jade in the mail, I packed it with everything I would need for my toddler and a newborn.  I was shocked that I was able to fit EVERYTHING and STILL had room to spare!  I never had extra room in our other diaper bag and could never zip it since it was always so full.


  • Must be a tough bag that’s easy to clean.  As we all know, diaper bags go through the wringer on a daily basis so I knew I needed something that’s built to last and high quality.  This bag has a 12 pocket, machine washable organizer and is made out of full grain leather.  These bags are built to last.  The leather on the handles, straps, and pocket edges are tucked in so they don’t wear and crack over time which is a major plus for me (notorious over-packer here).


  • Can I please have a diaper bag that’s cute and doesn’t look like a diaper bag?!  Obviously the Lily Jade fits that criteria.  The bonus is that once I’m done using it as a diaper bag, I can use it as a purse!  IMG_2451.JPG

I’m so glad I found and was gifted this diaper bag that meets my requirements!  It will be so nice to have on all of my adventures with two littles and will definitely make my life easier!