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Summer Goals and Dreams

Summers in Minnesota are special.   They are basically our reward for surviving yet another cold and treacherous winter (okay, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic… but only a bit).  Summer means it’s finally time to enjoy the great outdoors!  This summer feels extra special to me because it’s my last summer as a mama of one.  All I want to do is soak up every single moment spending time with my little man, because life will soon be changing drastically for both of us (don’t get me wrong though, this mama still needs happy hour with the girls and breaks in general!). Something I struggle with is feeling like things on the home front need to be perfect in order for me to feel like I’m being successful as a stay at home mom.  I think the house needs to be cleaned, a good meal needs to be cooked for dinner, and the laundry needs to be put away.  Well, this summer my goal is to become slightly lazy and to stop caring so much about these things!  Let me tell you why.

As parents, we all know how quickly time passes once you have kids.  As the saying goes “the days are long, but the years are short.”  I literally feel like I blinked and my child transformed from this tiny newborn baby to a two year old.  Time is precious and I don’t want to miss a minute.  Since this will be the last summer of our days as a duo, I want to make the most of them.  What will that look like?  For me, it will look like not caring as much about things around the house.  For example, maybe instead of making homemade muffins, I’ll buy store bought.  If the weather is supposed to be nice all week, maybe the clean laundry will stay in the basket instead of being folded.

The other day I had planned on going grocery shopping, but it was a beautiful day.  So we spent half the day playing in the pool and spent the other half going for a long walk and playing in the backyard.  Since we were low on groceries and we try not to eat out a lot because of how spendy it gets, we went to McDonalds for dinner and we didn’t regret it one bit!  Quite frankly, Jonas prefers a McDonald’s cheeseburger to mom’s cooking anyways (haha).

There are endless fun activities for families in the summer here in Minnesota.  Our goal is to visit a new place/ do one different activity every week whether it be going to a splash pad, an outdoor children’s concert, a festival/fair, a new park, or a beach.  There are so many fun things to do and we don’t want to miss out!  Here are some beaches that we are hoping to visit this summer:


  • Dakota County Beaches (2 locations and free)
  • Three Rivers Park District Beaches (7 locations and free)
  • Elm Creek Swimming Pond ($5/pp)
  • Lake Minnetonka Swimming Pond ($5/pp)
  • Washington County Parks Swimming Beaches (5 locations.  Lake Elmo Swim Pound is $7 per vehicle)
  • Ramsey County Swimming Beaches (5 locations and free)
  • Minneapolis Swimming Beaches (12 locations and free)
  • Anoka County Beaches (3 locations and $6/vehicle)
  • Carver County Swimming beaches (2 locations and $6/vehicle)
  • Lakeside Commons Park & Beach ($5/pp non-residents.  Residents are free)
  • Shady Oak Beach ($3 – $8/pp)
  • Bush Lake Beach ($8/vehicle)

If you are interested in outdoor pools, waterparks, festivals, and/or concerts in the area, send me a DM on Instagram and I can send you resources for these things as well!

I would love to hear what’s on your summer bucket list.  Please share in the comments!


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  1. Love this perspective!! It’s so important to enjoy and be in the moment when you can!

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