I can’t believe that we’re finally halfway there!  Woohoo!  The first trimester felt like it was never ending and now things are starting to speed along.  It’s crazy to think that in a few months, we’ll be meeting our second baby boy!  Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m on an emotional roller coaster.  I’m an emotional soul to begin with so add pregnancy hormones to the mix and… cue the water works and all the feels.

The two big emotions I’m feeling lately are excitement and anxiety.  When I think about holding this sweet babe for the first time and dream about Jonas meeting him, i feel such joy!  Brothers have the sweetest bond and I can’t wait to watch theirs grow even through the bumps (fights, tears, and everything that comes along with a sibling).  If you follow me on Instagram, I shared our gender reveal and how excited we are to be having another boy.  I thought I would be disappointed if it wasn’t a girl solely because that’s what it seemed like everyone around us wanted.  The minute we saw that we’re having another boy, my heart couldn’t feel more excited and joyful.  I get to keep my boy mom title which I love and Jonas gets to have a best friend.  What could be better?! We always dreamed of having more than one child, so when I think about adding to our crew, it really does feel like a dream come true!  I also love the newborn phase, despite all of the sleep deprivation.  You can’t beat that newborn smell and sweet newborn cuddles!  I’m pretty sure there’s nothing better.  I’m starting to work on dreaming up the vision for the nursery and things are beginning to feel real!

Now let’s explore my other emotion…. the anxiousness.  When I think about having another little to care for, it feels overwhelming.  I’m not going to lie, I feel like I have my hands full with just one.  What am I going to do when I’m feeding the baby and Jonas is having a meltdown because he can’t have a cookie (side note: when this kiddo melts down, it’s intense.)?  How will I handle our first outing to Target when the baby has a blow out and Jonas is getting stir crazy in the cart?  What will I do without my precious time to get things done around the house and relax while Jonas naps?  Maybe I’m alone in all of these anxious thoughts but as always, I’m going to be honest with those reading my blog about where i’m at.  I’m so scared but so excited all at the same time!  I know people have families with many more than two kids and survive, so I will too, right?!  It will be an adventure and I know that with the support of our families and all of sweet friends, we will make it through!  There may be a few breakdowns and tears along the way, but hey, that’s motherhood.

I also get emotional when I think about my days of just me and my sweet little buddy (Jonas) coming to an end.  I know that a sibling will be SO good for him, but I never want him to feel like he’s not as important any more or that we don’t have as much time for him.  I know that feelings of jealousy through the adjustment will be normal, but as a mom of course, I want to protect him from these feelings.  I’m assuming we will deal with him acting out for attention and some additional tantrums, but I’m hoping that we can make the new baby’s arrival something that’s exciting for him as he takes on his new role of big brother!

So here’s the part where you get to educate me, moms and dads of multiple children.  What was the hardest part of adjusting to a new addition to your family and do you have any recommendations of things that helped it go smoother?