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All the things my almost two year old has taught me

If there’s one thing that’s totally surprised me about motherhood, it’s how much I’ve learned from this tiny human named Jonas (my son).  I’m not talking about learning how to change diapers, removing week old stains from clothes, or figuring out how to sooth a screaming babe at 2:45 in the morning.  I’m talking about learning things about life and growing as a person. This little boy has absolutely changed me in the most amazing way possible.  Sure, he’s caused a lot of emotional breakdowns and made me want to rip my hair out at times… but I will forever be thankful for all the things he’s taught me.

  • Patience: I thought I was a patient person before, but becoming a mother has tested that patience beyond what I thought possible.  After enough tantrums, screaming sessions, and my child trying to communicate a need through absolute frustration, I’ve learned the art of taking a deep breath, not trying to make sense of the situation, and just being present to help him through the moment.  Patience is required as a parent when you’ve slaved over a meal that your toddler immediately throws on the floor as you stare in disbelief. I absolutely do not perfectly display patience all the time, but this kiddo has made me grow significantly in this department.
  • Selflessness: Until having a child, I never realized how selfishly my husband and I lived our lives.  Everything was always about…. well, us.  What we wanted to do, when we wanted to do it, and how we wanted to do it.  When Jonas entered the picture, all of our wants and needs suddenly went out the window.  All of the sudden our lives revolved around a baby and all of his needs came before our own.  We truly begin to understand what it means to live life with a sense of selflessness.
  • Understanding of Christ’s love for us: One of my grandma’s said something to me shortly after Jonas was born that really stuck with me.  She said “I didn’t begin to understand Jesus’s unconditional love for me until I became a mother.”  Drop mic.  Those words are so spot on.  The love you have for your child… there’s nothing in the world like it.  They aren’t perfect, they cause frustration, and they don’t always listen… yet, we love them unconditionally without a second thought.
  • The art of creativity: Living in Minnesota = long winter days of trying to entertain a toddler.  I’m always looking for cheap, fun things for us to do so we don’t die of being stir crazy and bored.  It’s not always easy (this winter has seemed to drag on forever), but adding creativity to our days has really helped.
  • How to look at life through a fresh lens: As the saying goes, there’s nothing like seeing life through your child’s eyes.  Everything is so much more vibrant and exciting.  The little things become big like seeing a pretty flower or a puppy on a walk.  It’s a beautiful way to see our world with a whole new appreciation for God’s creation!

I’m forever grateful for all of the things that this little man teaches me every single day.  What’s something that you’ve learned from your child since entering the world of parenthood?



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  1. Amy

    Yessss girl:) I remember after having my daughter I just boohooed because I finally felt how much a God really loves us. It was such and is an amazing feeling. Love your blog.

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