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Review of the Lollipop Baby Monitor

There are so many different baby monitor options out there and of course, they all claim to be the best.  After trying different monitors and having disappointing experiences, we knew we had to give the Lollipop Baby Monitor a try.  After a couple of weeks using it, I wanted to give you my review of this product.

There are so many features that we love about this monitor that go beyond the basic functionality that other monitors have:

  • 3 different installation options: Every baby’s nursery is set up differently, and it can be hard to find a monitor that meets all the needs of your set up.  1).  With the Lollipop, it has a silicone flexible arm that can be used to wrap around the crib or an object near or around the crib/bed.  2).  If your little one is old enough to grab at the monitor, the Lollipop comes with a wall mount so you can hang it on the wall and keep it out of reach.  3).  if you have a shelf or table nearby the crib/bed, you can stand the Lollipop up on it.  This is the first monitor I’ve found that has so many installation options!
  • Cry detection technology: The Lollipop has the functionality to distinguish between noise (if your babe is anything like mine, they are a noisy sleeper!) and crying which is so helpful!
  • One piece: The majority of baby monitors out there have two pieces that are required for use.  With the Lollipop, the second piece is your phone which let’s be real, is always on you!  The app is super easy to use and navigate as well.  Now if we go somewhere on the weekend and Jonas needs to nap, we don’t have to remember to bring two pieces!
  • High quality picture: Before I became a mom, I always thought “what’s the point of having a monitor with video functionality if you can hear everything?!”.  Well now…. I get it.  I struggle with anxiety so for me, knowing I can get a look of Jonas through the monitor during the night absolutely puts my mind at ease.

There are so many other features that I love about this product as well such as the two way talk capability and the lullabies/soothing sounds you can play from it.  If you’re in the market for a new baby monitor, I 100% highly recommend the Lollipop Baby Monitor!



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  1. Yesenia

    I love these features! I still have a camera in Noah’s room and hes 5 because I need to make sure hes ok! The lollipops picture quality sounds awesome!

  2. The flexible mounting system would have been so amazing for our space back in the days when we had a crib! I will have to remember this monitor if we have more kiddos in the future.

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