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Morning Sickness, Cankles, and Stretchmarks

In my mind, there are two types of pregnant women.  The first type LOVES being pregnant.  They literally glow and wish they could be pregnant forever.  The second type finds themselves hunched over a toilet the majority of the day, can’t handle the smell of scented trash bags (okay, maybe that was just me), and is counting down the days for pregnancy to be over.  Okay so these may be the two drastic ends of the spectrum, but it makes me laugh how different everyone can be!  I love hearing what other people’s pregnancy experiences were like, so I thought I would share mine.

You may have guessed by the scented trash bag comment, but I was the second type of pregnant lady.  Over half of my pregnancy was spent battling morning sickness which is SUCH a dumb name.  Morning?  Umm no.  Try ALL day and night.  All I could think about was how I felt like throwing up.  Being at work every day was incredibly challenging as I was waiting to tell people until I was further along.  The smell of co-workers heating up their lunches in the microwave and strong perfume sent me running for the bathroom. My coffee thermos was filled with ginger ale, my drawers were stocked with saltines, and my car was stocked with barf bags.   At home, I couldn’t cook or be around food period.  My poor husband (bless his heart) doesn’t cook so lived off of microwavable dinners.  You betcha I would go upstairs while he ate that nastiness to be as far away from the scent as possible.

This time in my pregnancy was so discouraging.  Don’t get me wrong, I was THRILLED to be pregnant and to be a mom, but I had such a negative mindset because I felt so terrible.  My mom had the same pregnancy struggles so I would frequently call her crying and seeking any and all advice to keep going.  Unfortunately, life doesn’t stop for pregnancy.  I vividly remember scrolling through Instagram and seeing women talk about how they loved being pregnant and I just couldn’t relate.

Eventually, things did get better.  Once the nausea became less frequent and I could feel little Jonas kick in my belly, my perspective completely changed.  Pregnancy is so beautiful but that doesn’t mean every person’s experience feels beautiful.  There were so many things I did actually end up enjoying about pregnancy.  I loved having a belly as weird as that may sound.  I loved feeling him kick and hiccup.  I loved reading about his growth and development each week.  I loved watching Taylor feel and watch him move.  I loved praying for him and journaling about my experience.  I loved dreaming about what he would look like and what his personality would be.  It truly was such a special time despite how miserable some of it was.

I would love to hear what your pregnancy was like!  Did you love it or experience a lot of challenges?  Or, if you are pregnant now, I would love to hear what this experience has been like!


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  1. Hallie Bain

    I was your girl in the middle of the spectrum you’ve been looking for, Steph! Didn’t ever experience symptoms that were unmanageable, but DID NOT miss being pregnant for a second after she was born. Thanks for reminding me of all the sweet moments that I had completely forgotten about. Love that you journaled- such a sweet idea!

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