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The Hospital Stay

You know how everyone always gives advice before you have a kid?  Prior to having Jonas, we heard all the horror stories about kids getting sick.  We were told “your child will get sick ALL time”, “you won’t sleep a wink when they’re sick”, and “the whole house gets sick when one does.”  So we mentally prepared for it.  Fast forward to Jonas’s first birthday.  He had two extremely minor colds during his whole first year of life.  It was a miracle according to everyone!

The day after his first birthday the sick-free streak certainly changed.  Jonas woke up covered in his birthday cake (gross, I know).  We assumed he ate too much cake the night before.  As the day went on, he continued to throw up and refused to eat or drink anything.  Taylor, my husband, had to change his shirt five times that day.  For the next four days, this continued.  There were several trips to urgent care with no answers.  He just laid there and didn’t move.  He didn’t want to play.  He didn’t smile or laugh.  It was one of the most heartbreaking things as parents for us to see.

Quick sidebar: The day this all started was Mother’s Day (my second one)  My first Mother’s Day was spent cringing from the post-birth side affects (ladies, you KNOW what I’m talking about) as I tried to make my way to the fridge or bathroom.  My second one was spent bed ridden because I was throwing up as well while my dear husband took care of me and the baby.  Fun Mother’s Day experiences, right?!

Now back to the story.  Finally after my tenth call to the nurse line (I swear they knew who I was at this point), I described his current state and it was clear that he was dehydrated and not improving.  There was also a greater sense of urgency since Jonas struggled with gaining enough weight (more to come on this topic in a future blog).  They said we need to take him to the ER.  Hearing the words “emergency room” stirred complete panic within me.  I may be a bit dramatic from time to time, but going to the ER with my one year old baby was one of the scariest things I have experienced as a mom thus far.  As I drove to the hospital, I let the tears fall and didn’t stop praying.

After a three hour wait (gotta love the ER), Jonas was admitted and hooked up to an IV since he was so dehydrated.  We ended up spending two nights in the hospital before he started turning around and drinking on his own again.

I never ever want to see Jonas so sick again.  I will never forget that first night in the hospital holding Jonas and crying out to God asking him to heal my baby.  The doctors kept saying it was a really bad stomach virus (which ended up being true) but I was terrified it was something more.  I realize this all probably sounds completely dramatic, but I’m sharing with you exactly how I felt in the moment.  Sometimes the feelings that come along with motherhood are not the most rational.  Through this experience I also gained an even greater appreciation for our village.  Our friends and family surrounded us with love, prayers, and care.  I kept telling Jonas “kiddo, you are one loved little guy”.

There isn’t exactly a moral to this story, but if you follow my blog, you know that I want to use it as a space to share the stories and experiences I’ve had as a mom.  All of them.  This just so happens to be a not so fun one, but a memorable one nonetheless.  I share these experiences in hopes that maybe someone who is going through something similar can relate or feel encouraged that they are not alone.

Have you had an experience with your kid(s) that rocked you to the core and caused you to completely rely on God?


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  1. Laura

    My when oldest was continuing to have potty accidents after being potty trained for awhile. I knew something was wrong so I googled stuff and diabetes came about. I checked his Blood Suagr the next morning and that’s when our life changed. Went to the ER and told them what happened and they told me it was a fluk….. we got sent home and everything got worse so we went to a different hospital. Where my son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 4 years old. One of the scariest moments of our life’s. Our 4 year old almost died because another hospital told me it was nothing. Always go with your gut feeling

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