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Moms Can Rest Too

Yes, you read that title correctly.  Moms, you are allowed to rest and recharge the same as anyone else!  Easier said than done, right?  Totally.  But, it’s SO incredibly important to do for a variety of reasons.  Now before we dig in, I want to acknowledge that having ‘me time’ may not be an option for everyone. Maybe you are a single mama and doing it all on your own.  Or perhaps you live far away from family and getting someone to watch the kids isn’t easy.  These situations are tough and make resting so incredibly difficult BUT, I still think it’s important to try even if it may not be nearly as often as you need.

Why is it so important to take time to recharge?  I couldn’t say it any more eloquently than my mama friend, Katy.  I reached out to her for input on last week’s blog post and what she had to say on the importance of self-care really spoke to me!  Here’s what she had to say:

“I love being a mom. I’ve always, always wanted to be a mom. But it took being a mom to realize that while it is a treasured role, it is not my only role.  I’m not ONLY a mom. Self-care is important and I’ve learned how vital asking for help, especially from my husband, is to my sanity. His time with our daughter is just as important as mine, and he doesn’t get as much of it if I’m always around. It’s a win all around when I make sure to take some time at some point during the day to myself so that I can re-charge while my husband has some solo time with his girl to continue to grow their own bond. It’s time he wouldn’t give up for the world, even after a long day of work, and I’m so thankful for that! All mom’s need a break from little fingers and bodies constantly reaching for and grabbing on to us. I still feel guilty taking time to myself, but I know when I’m filled up and have had my “me” time, my quiet time, my alone time with God, I’m better able to love my daughter and my husband out of the abundant overflow instead of just what seems to be leftover.”

What Katy said is so so SO true.  How can we expect to be a great mom if our tanks are constantly running on empty?  Whether we want to admit it or not, it truly does take a village to raise kids.  Asking for help or time to ourselves does NOT make us weak.  There are days when mama needs a break!  Especially the days where poop is in places it shouldn’t be and ear drums are near bursting from the teething screams.

What are the benefits to this whole concept of self-care as a mom?  For me, I find that I’m more patient.  I’m more motivated to go above and beyond.  I’m more playful.  I’m a better wife.  I’m more focused on my relationship with Jesus.  And the list goes on. So mamas, the challenge this week is to take a couple of hours for you.  Take a shower (one preferably where your kids aren’t trying to climb in with you) and go out to happy hour with a girlfriend.  Or maybe make yourself look as unpresentable as possible (I’m talking hair on top of your head and sweatpants from the 10th grade), get a big bowl of ice cream, and binge watch your night away.  Recharge and enjoy some fussy free ‘me time’!


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  1. Angela K

    Such a good reminder! I have a gift card to a pedicure I keep not using because I feel bad being away that long!

  2. I always feel like a much better mom when I leave my house for an hour. 3x a week I leave to go workout and I come back feeling like I have enough patience to get me through the rest of the day. It’s super important!

  3. Jen

    Yes! Moms totally deserve rest too, sometimes we do it all. One of my favorite quotes is that You can’t pour from an empty cup. Great article!

  4. We moms need this great reminder from time to time! It’s so important to take time for ourselves, and I think we come back well-rested and better because of our own time. 🙂

  5. My hair appointment at a fancy salon, once every three months is my favorite. I come out looking cuter, and feeling cared for.

  6. Taking time for myself was something I struggled with for years because of my idea that I needed to be constantly available to my kids! But then I got so burned out and stressed it led to bouts of depression and resentment. I’ve grown a lot since then and I take time away for myself and with my husband with no guilt—like you said, it refills my tank enough to give more to my family!

  7. kimberly

    Absolutely! A tired Mom is not a ready mom:) Wisdom!

  8. Yes 100%!! This is why I work out every day. Hanging 4 little ones means I need to take care of myself so I have plenty of patience and energy for them!

  9. Yes, thank you! I think most of us know that but we still need to be constantly reminded because we take too little time for resting, recharging and doing what we love.

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