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Review of the Lollipop Baby Monitor

There are so many different baby monitor options out there and of course, they all claim to be the best.  After trying different monitors and having disappointing experiences, we knew we had to give the Lollipop Baby Monitor a try.  After a couple of weeks using it, I wanted to give you my review of this product.

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Snaaaaack Time!

Does it ever feel like your kids eat the same thing (i.e. goldfish and graham crackers) for snack time everyday?  It can be tough to keep snacks interesting especially when it feels like snack time is happening alllll day long!  Recently I could tell that my son Jonas was getting sick of eating the same things for snacks everyday, so, we decided to change things up!  We tried some new healthy and easy snack recipes that were a hit with him, so I wanted to share with you all.

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Toy Strategy and Organization

It’s post-Christmas.  The kids have tummy aches from eating way too many sweets and you can’t see the floor in your house… there are toys EVERYWHERE.  Now what?  Do you just keep everything and live in total chaos until Christmas next year rolls around and add more to it?  Personally, I’m going to challenge you to do the exercise I’m currently working on and I hope it gives you the sense of organization ( AKA joy!) that it gives me.  Read on to learn what my strategy was for getting the toy situation under control.

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Why We Love the Chaos of Family Vacations

Before having a child, vacation felt like…. vacation – It was filled with relaxation, rest, and the whole “go with the flow” concept.  I always thought the idea of traveling with kids sounded terrible.  Not only is there the whole getting there part, there’s the lack of sleep (as adorable as it is to see little Jonas’s face staring at us from the pack and play in the wee hours of the morning), navigating nap time, and the loss of flexibility.  Packing takes ten hours and the chaos truly ensues when you stay at a place that isn’t completely child proofed. Sounds like fun, right?  Well, I’m here to tell you why we really do love traveling with our toddler (remind me to read this if I change my mind when we expand our family).

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Separation Anxiety

Have you ever experienced dropping off your child somewhere and all of the sudden, all hell breaks loose?  The screaming, the clinging, the tears…. holy cow, you’ve never felt more loved in all your life!  At the same time, it’s so sad and all you want is for them to be happy without you constantly being there.  I always say, I want my child to want me, but I don’t want him to feel like he needs me.  Since my son Jonas was four months old, he’s struggled being without mom or dad or someone he knows.  He’s now eighteen months old and we’ve made a ton of progress over the last few months in this department, so I want to share some tips that have really helped!

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Money Saving Tips & Tricks

Here are the facts: kids are expensive and being a stay at home mom doesn’t earn a living (shocking, I know!).  Additionally for my family, my husband’s compensation is commission based and we never know what our income will be month to month which can be a scary way to live.  Several months ago, we made the decision to be more responsible with our spending and make some major changes.  It truly has been one of the most beautiful seasons in life for us.  Yes, I really do mean that!  Why, you ask?  Through making several changes with our finances, we’ve found ourselves relying on God in ways we haven’t before.  And let me tell you… God is GOOD!  Through focusing on prayer and being more responsible, God has provided for us in some really cool ways.  I want to share with you all some tips and tricks that have saved us money as we embrace this new lifestyle.

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Morning Sickness, Cankles, and Stretchmarks

In my mind, there are two types of pregnant women.  The first type LOVES being pregnant.  They literally glow and wish they could be pregnant forever.  The second type finds themselves hunched over a toilet the majority of the day, can’t handle the smell of scented trash bags (okay, maybe that was just me), and is counting down the days for pregnancy to be over.  Okay so these may be the two drastic ends of the spectrum, but it makes me laugh how different everyone can be!  I love hearing what other people’s pregnancy experiences were like, so I thought I would share mine.

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Marriage and Kids

On social media, we see all of the ADORABLE newborn family pictures.  We feel all the baby fever feels meanwhile thinking to ourselves “this couple’s marriage must be on fire”!  I mean, how could it not be when they get to snuggle a perfect little bundle that’s half him and half her?!  My husband Taylor and I had a different experience which feels extremely personal to share.  As I’m typing this, I’m sitting here wondering “What if my readers think that we have a bad marriage?  What if they judge me and can’t relate to this at all?”  Well, I’m willing to put this out there in hopes that maybe there’s one person who can relate and know they are not alone!

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Fall Craft and Sensory Activity

As a stay at home mom, I’m constantly looking for fun activities I can do with my son to keep him entertained.  We like ones that are cheap and require few materials!  Here are two fun ones we recently did that I wanted to share with you all.  Warning: baths may be required following participation in these activities!

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Fighting Against the Comparison Game

Do you ever finding yourself scrolling through social media and it seems like every photo is of the perfect child?

  • The baby wearing a head to toe complete name brand outfit (meanwhile, your child is wearing hand me downs covered it stains)
  • The toddler quietly reading a book (meanwhile, your child is destroying the house)
  • The child sitting in the highchair voluntarily eating peas (meanwhile, your child is eating cookie #2 for the day)

Or perhaps it’s the captions that stick out to you:

  • My child just turned one and can say ten words
  • My little one started walking at eight months
  • My baby is the happiest baby I’ve ever met

Here you sit reading all of this and the negative thoughts begin to consume your mind.  Why doesn’t my child do that?  Am I doing something wrong?  Is my little one behind?  It’s EXHAUSTING.  It’s unproductive.  It’s disheartening.  So how do we as moms fight against this?

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